Thursday, December 3, 2009

That is the question

To chart or not to chart?

One of the things that Dr. M mentioned was that, if I don't want to, I don't have to chart my temps anymore. While she appreciates that my charts helped establish how long my cycles are and when/if I believed I was ovulating-- she said that we'll take a new approach from here on out.

This cycle is so regimented compared to all of my previous cycles-- it's like "TTC for Dummies." I love it. Pills for 5 days, digital OPKs for 7 days, done. I either ovulate or I don't. Smiley face or no. There will be no need for studying temperatures or interpreting shifts. There will be a pee stick test, taken between 11am-2pm each day from CD10-CD17. That's it.

Yet, I still feel like I need that backup-- I need to have some record of when I took the meds, when we had sex, when I got a +OPK. I want to get excited about watching my temps steadily rising. I need to see all of the stars align and have the proof that everything came together for us (if it ever does).

So, despite Rob's protests, I'll continue to set the alarm for 5am each morning, fumble for my pink thermometer & Blackberry and record my temps. Then I'll study my chart once or twice a day and wonder if it "means" anything.

I may have let Dr. M take the wheel, but I'm still riding shotgun.


  1. I'm doing the same thing - my RE told me there was no need to temp, but it gives me peace of mind that I'm ovulating at the right time. And it gives me a heads up when AF is going to show up, which I LOVE. I love knowing first thing in the morning instead of having to wait a few days to find out.

    Hope you have a good weekend :-).

  2. If charting gives you a sense of comfort and control, then do. I've come to believe that there's no "roght" or "best" way to handle this process, just the way that feels most helpful to you individually. Charting didn' comfort me and made me feel out of control, so I stopped, despite conventional wisdome. OPKS work better with my personality.

    Also--I am SO optimistic and excited for you this cycle (and a little jealous as well. This no-surprises thing sounds pretty great to me right about now). Anyway, I will be waiting for the pictures of those smiley faces--and we'll leave all speculation about future potential pictures for another point in time :)

  3. My RE said the same thing about temping. I say if it gives you peace of mind, then go for it. I just started doing it 10 days ago and haven't really decided one way or another if I'll keep it up, but if I was actually in a cycle, I think it would be a pretty cool extra layer of info!!

  4. YES I did the same thing, and charting definitely helped reinforce everything the doctor was saying. And, frankly, for someone who has never seen a distinct thermal shift, it was SO EXCITING to see the real deal.