Monday, December 14, 2009

Test #7

In anticipation of tomorrow's test (which I'm quite certain will be negative) I went ahead and called Dr. RE's office. I explained to the nurse that I was on CD16 and had not received a positive OPK yet and that I just wanted to know what to do tomorrow, as I was told to test through CD17. She suggested that I test one more day (CD18) to be sure, then stop taking OPKs.

I'll need to go back to Dr. RE for a progesterone test on Monday-- they want to make sure that I didn't miss my surge. I'm pretty sure I didn't:

Based on my blood work, they'll determine how much to increase the dosage of Clomid next cycle. I imagine that my progesterone levels will be very low-- last cycle they were .79 on CD21. These will be taken on CD23. Perhaps they'll be slightly higher because of the Clomid this cycle, but I can't imagine they'd be anywhere near 10-15 (which is what confirms ovulation on an unmedicated & medicated cycle, respectively).

Hopefully I can start taking Prometrium/Provera soon to get this cycle over with and try again!


  1. Coming from someone who has experience with Clomid, my progesterone was actually lower after taking it. Before starting the meds it was 3.5 and after doing my first round it was .7! I just didn't understand how that could possibly happen, how it could actually drop like that when the Clomid was supposed to help.

    Again, good luck!

  2. My first cycle of clomid I didn't ovulate until CD 18, so maybe a few more days is all you need! Good luck!

  3. You'll get there, Stef. It may take some tinkering, but you will absolutely get there.

    And if I'm right and this spotting means AF is on her way for me--we could be both be starting cycle 8 at right around the same time! (Which probably makes me happier than it makes you. But still, nice to have a friend in the trenches).

  4. I'm sorry you haven't seen that smiley face yet. It's not to late, but even if this cycle didn't work, a stronger dose may just do the trick!

  5. You must be feeling disappointed Stef. However, as Jane and AplusB point out... you never know what the next few days may bring. And even if you don't ovulate this cycle, it will still be useful because it is another tool to make sure you're on the right dose of Clomid next time. Good luck.

  6. Thanks for all of the support ladies!

    I'm feeling a little more down about things tonight than I want to let on, but my motto is "fake it till you make it." If I continue to keep pretending I feel positive about things, eventually I will feel that way again.

    It's been a really long difficult day and problems with ovulation are just the icing on the cake. Tomorrow will be better.

  7. Stef! I am so sorry. This was me last month. Trying to keep the smile on my face but becoming more and more deflated with each passing negative OPK. I hope your Progesterone level is high enough to bring on your period, even if it's not an actual ovulation (that's what happened to me last month). Hang in there!!

  8. Oh Stef, I know exactly how you feel. Except for me I got a FAKE positive OPK which had me thinking I was pregnant. Not fun. So at least I guess you can be happy that your body is telling you the truth?

    That cycle my progesterone was .25. Man, was that disappointing. But the wonderful news is... once they up the meds it's a whole new ball game! All you have to do is find that magic number, and you're off like a prom dress. Hang in there. You'll find your magic number.