Friday, October 30, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I'm choosing to be optimistic today about our path and where we're headed.

I'm doing my best to convince myself that after my appointment in December, we'll be on the right track, I'll ovulate, and within a few cycles I'll be pregnant. I reward myself for my optimism by shopping online for baby items. (You know, for the baby we don't have yet...)

Behold, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat:

I started drooling over this car seat almost two years ago when I first saw it-- long before I was trying to get pregnant. I love green and have every intention of painting our nursery apple green no matter what the sex of our child turns out to be. I feel like it's perfect-- accent with pink for a girl or blue for a boy. When I saw this Green Bubble pattern, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I bookmarked it in my mind.

Fast forward approximately two years later-- now we're trying to have a baby and will (hopefully!) have a need for one soon. To my disappointment, they discontinued the Green Bubbles fabric after 2008. So, I've been searching online to try to find one.

Here's the thing-- I have no qualms about buying a used car seat as long as a) It's never been in an accident b) It's in good shape & c) It's within the time frame of the safety expiration date for the particular brand.

Enter the problem: Peg Perego's safety constraints are very strict. It's considered the safest car seat on the market-- one of the reasons I want one. They only certify their car seats for 5 years, saying that over time, the plastic can break down so it would be more likely to snap in an accident. Because of the short life of these car seats, if I'm going to get one, it really needs to be a 2008 model-- that way it would be safe through 2013. I need that buffer, just in case it takes us some additional time to get pregnant.

So, friends, if anyone sees one, on ebay or craigslist or in a store, will you let me know?

BTW, Here's the matching stroller, the PlikoP3:

No trouble finding these on ebay & craigslist, and I don't think they have an expiration date. So for now, I'm just on a mission to buy future baby's car seat.It would make more sense to wait until I'm pregnant to buy one, I know, but I fear that it may be long gone by then. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up needing it sooner than I think...

Wishful Thinking.


  1. super cute!!!!! I think browsing is ok as long as ya don't buy it yet! :) If it is gone by the time you're KU (which (crossing fingers) it won't be) there will be something more cute!!

  2. I love the green! That is one adorable carseat/stroller set. I've turned into a horribly superstitious person, and I'm not willing to buy anything for this pregnancy until I'm out of the first trimester :( But I hope so much that you get your BFP soon after the December appt and get your dream carseat.

    Okay, and you've convinced me to post some of the nursery items I've been eyeing. I was feeling a little scared to do so, but I'm going to bite the bullet. I think you'll like the concept!

  3. Hee hee, I totally keep my eye out for jogging strollers. And I must admit, as bittersweet as it can be going to baby showers these days, I do absolutely. love. love. love. shopping for cutie baby stuff for these lucky mammas! You've picked out some good loot, I love the happy green!!