Monday, October 5, 2009


Rob and I didn't save the top layer of our wedding cake last year-- we were traveling for our honeymoon right after the wedding and didn't have a way to save it. So, for our anniversary, I thought I'd have a mini version of our cake made to celebrate. Here's a pic of our "real" cake:

I had been in contact with a bakery here about trying to recreate this and they were going to charge too much money to do it, so I went to Publix. I took the picture in to show them and the woman assured me that they could recreate the cake with no problem.

This is what I got when I picked it up yesterday:

And this is what it looked like by the time we got around to eating it, after dinner:

Ummm, this didn't quite turn out like I had hoped it would...after a l-o-n-g conversation with the bakery manager, I walked out with a significant discount. I made it to the car before I started crying. This was the only thing I did for our anniversary, and it turned out hideous.

We still ate it-- and laughed about it while we drank our champagne.
This morning, I can see that the cake is perfectly good.
It's just a little wonky.
Kind of like us.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud...I can't even believe they let you pick that up and acted like it looked like your picture. Happy anniversary!