Monday, October 26, 2009

Testing..1, 2, 3

I made a trip to the doctor today for my thyroid/progesterone bloodwork. Now I'll wait a week for my results. I'm sick of this back-and-forth already.

I can't imagine the frustration that women who go through fertility treatments deal with... the drugs and the constant monitoring, bloodwork, ultrasounds. I'm hoping I don't have to find out about this annoyance first hand. My doctor's office is difficult to get to. I park in a garage, then take an elevator to a main lobby. I then switch elevators and go to the second floor. On the second floor, I take a cross walk into a different tower, where I hop on a third elevator and head up to the 5th floor. The bloodwork took less than 10 minutes. The navigating in and out took almost 30. Ridiculous.

But, if this is what we must do to get our baby, then this is what we'll do. Today's bloodwork will retest TSH levels along with T3 & T4. Additionally, they will (needlessly) check my progesterone levels for a sign that my eggs have decided to jump ship from my lazy ovaries this month-- For your viewing pleasure, here is my chart as of today:

Do you see any indication on that chart that I've ovulated, much less that it occurred 7 days ago? Yeah, I thought not. CD16 I got my hopes up. Nope. Cd20 I really got my hopes up. You see how that went. OPKs are getting lighter every day, so I think Sat was the closest I'll get to a positive. (I even marked it as postive on my chart becaused I needed the self esteem boost.) I feel like giving the doctor's office another lesson in the correct timing of a P4 test. I made them a copy of my charts this morning and asked them to put it in my file. I even pointed it out to the nurse, "See? I haven't ovulated yet."

As much as I hoped having a baby would be easy for us, I had a nagging feeling that it wouldn't. What I didn't count on was that I would practically earn a medical degree trying to get knocked up...

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  1. I'm sorry about all the back and forth:(
    BTW your pictures always crack me up. hehe

    I'm digging the medical degree too. lol