Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Little Light Reading

If you are interested:

PCOS (in a nutshell)
This will explain what PCOS is & how to treat it.

NYTimes article about Fertility Treatments & Consequences
Rob sent me this one this morning-- we've had some discussions recently about fertility drugs, multiples, selective reduction and what we would do if we were in that situation. While I'm confident that he and I could make a choice that's best for our family, it's murky water that I hope we never have to swim in.

In other news, I think that my ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is starting to "learn" me. Last cycle it asked me to start testing on CD6-- this cycle it didn't ask for a test until CD8. Since I didn't ovulate last cycle, I think it realized that there was no way I was going to ovulate anywhere near CD6... (Fingers crossed I ovulate at all!) Also, my test this morning registered "Low"-- this time last cycle, I had already received three "High" readings. It seems to be learning what is high for me. Maybe I'll even get a peak this cycle!!

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  1. Sounds good! I'm hoping mine learns my cycle a bit, too. I'd like to not jump immediately from low to peak this time.