Friday, October 23, 2009


When I got home from work today, I used an OPK. I've been in the habit of using the CBEFM in the morning and a cheap OPK in the afternoon so I don't miss my surge, should it ever happen. Rob came home and we decided to go to a movie, so we left quickly and I walked out of the house without looking at it.

After our movie, we came home and I saw this:

It's not positive, but I got so excited about how dark the line was-- I stupidly got my hopes up again. Then (::slap forehead::) I realized that it couldn't possibly be accurate after several hours(could it?), so I decided to take another one. This is what I saw:

Fooled again, by a stupid pee stick.


  1. I only use the Internet cheapies and have had cycles like that. I get O pains, so I did an experiment one cycle - the one in the morning was like your almost positive opk, I got the o pains that afternoon and did an opk that evening and the 2nd line was gone. So maybe you weren't fooled this time, but missed the darker line which could've popped up between the afternoon and the morning opk?

  2. Jin,

    It's certainly possible (and I appreciate the optimism!!!) but my temps dropped even lower today, so I'm pretty sure I didn't ovulate. Thanks for your comment! I'm headed over to check out your blog!