Monday, October 19, 2009


For several months, I've been following Colleen's journey over at Park Slope Purgatory. She's a wonderful writer and I immediately felt a connection to her because we're the same age, we started trying to get pregnant the same month, and as I read her posts I found that she was so often feeling exactly what I was feeling-- Worried. Frustrated. Disappointed.

Colleen had a good feeling about this cycle-- her posts the past few days have been adorably hopeful, sweet and anxious. As I read her post yesterday about her plan to test this morning, I found myself wishing with all my might, that this might be it for her. I was so nervous this morning as I typed in her blog address-- preparing myself to come up with words of encouragement if her test was negative. But...


I couldn't be happier for her-- after knowing how disheartened she's been the past few months, I know what this must feel like for her... because I know how I would feel if it were me. When a woman who has been trying for a while gets pregnant, there is a joy, a victory that I feel for her... Like she beat the biological clock! Colleen was already prepared to start testing with her ob/gyn in the next few months to figure out why she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. Now, she'll be making trips to the doctor for an entirely different reason.

Colleen, I can't thank you enough for your support the past few months. I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to follow your new adventures! Congrats!!

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  1. Thank you again, a million times, Stef. You are truly one of the nice ones :)